NPM Saint Louis

National Association of Pastoral Musicians - St. Louis Chapter & Duchesne Branch

Preliminary and Tentative Plans for 2018/2019

This 2018/2018 calendar reflects the current plans for the NPM St. Louis Chapter.  All items are tentative and subject to change.  So, if you're a pastoral musician, ask yourself a simple question - are these the kind of events which excite you?  Make plans to join us - we're waiting for you.


August - Bowling

September - Opening  Banquet

September (long month) - combined AGO/NPM meeting - Psalmody Workshop

October - "Sing a New Psalm", a followup workshop to the September Psalmody Workshop

November - "St. Cecilia Sing"

January - Epiphany Festival

February - continued education - vocal skills brush up

March - Retreat

April - Children's Choir Festival

Spring 2019 - Closing Banquet and Specil 

The St. Louis Chapter and Duchesne Branch of National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) is a membership organization primarily composed of musicians, musician-liturgists, clergy, and other leaders of prayer devoted to serving the life and mission of the Church through fostering the art of musical liturgy in Catholic worshiping communities in the Greater St. Louis Area.
— Chapter Mission Statement

Upcoming Events of Interest to the Community